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A graphic studio within the company guarantees all the steps: from the design, to the development and printing of the product, with customization tailored to the needs of the client.

The company’s graphic studio is indispensable for New Press because it denotes, already from the first contact with the clients, the relationship the company intends to maintain with them.

We believe that in order to create an optimal product, the key is to work with the clients and not for the clients, therefore, before the start of the manufacturing process, we organize a direct communication phase with one of our employees that will guide them on the possibilities offered by our facility and on the technological innovations of the materials in the industry.

This will allow the clients to define their project in the best possible way and, if possible, improve it together.


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Uno studio grafico all’interno dell’azienda, garantisce tutti i passaggi: dall’ideazione, allo sviluppo e messa in stampa dell’articolo con la personalizzazione gestita secondo le necessità del cliente.