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Graphic Studio

A graphic studio within the company guarantees all the steps: from the design, to the development and printing of the product, with customization tailored to the needs of the client.

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Silk Screen Printing

Screen printing was the first sector of the company. Thanks to this particular type of technique, you can print on most of the materials of the world of sportswear. It allows you to achieve unmatched results and color fidelity.

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High Frequency

This particular technique allows you to weld, couple, or create relief on the processed material. Its peculiarity is the excellent mechanical resistance given to the part that, within a few seconds, thanks to an electromagnetic field applied by special machines, is melted and re-welded at a molecular level.

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Quality Check

Quality control is the last department in the processing line, but not the least important. The task of the staff in this department is to preserve the production standard of the manufactured items with an accurate, comprehensive check that certifies color, shape, and structure as indicated by the sample.

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I servizi di New Press sono quelle di analisi commessa, progettazione, serigrafia, alta frequenza e controllo qualità.