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Screen printing is one of the company’s top sectors, and a crucial point of modern printing.

Screen printing was the first sector of the company, which prides itself on being one of the first in the areas of Montebelluna, world center of footwear.

Thanks to this particular type of technique, you can print on most of the materials of the world of sportswear. It allows you to achieve unmatched results and color fidelity.

This technique uses the permeability of a polyester fabric, which acts as a matrix, stretched over a metal frame.

This instrument is called screen printing frame; its creation process is done through photo-engraving, and New Press, to keep the largest number of processes within the company, is equipped with a darkroom where they are created autonomously. This also allows us not to spread the clients’ projects out of our company, if they need greater privacy.

Screen printing, compared to other printing technologies, allows you to control and choose the thickness of the ink used. This characteristic, combined with the choice of a really wide range of ink types, has made it the most widely used printing technology in the sector of industrial decoration. It is important to note that the thickness of the ink is one of the fundamental parameters, combined naturally with the nature of the pigments and binders selected for its composition, which determine the decoration resistance to outside and the resistance to light and mechanical abrasion. Screen printing, for the above-mentioned characteristic, is currently used for printing shoes, bags, outdoor tents, road signs, license plates, vehicles logos and brands, glass and mirrors, furniture, safety labels, home appliances, sports gear, decoration of bicycles and helmets, decorative panels in plastic laminate, etc. Today, screen printing is possible on all media and is requested to apply safe and intense color shades or to print inks with special characteristics. Only with screen printing you can obtain the wide range of special effects determined by the availability of specific ink ranges that include glossy, matte, satin-finished, relief effects, glittering, metallic, shimmering, iridescent, luminescent, thermochromatic, photocromatic, retroreflective, soft-touch inks and others, which greatly embellish the print. Another characteristic that derives from the use of high-thickness, screen-printing ink is the possibility to create a print with high color fidelity that is also very durable.

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